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New Year is coming! The best celebration in hotel "Golg Fish"! You will never forget this really exciting journey!

About us


Do you really want to change your life forever?

 Rest at the Lake Baikal – it’s not just a tourist travel; this is immersion in a striking world of real nature from head to foot.  Where else can you experience such delight from this surprising combination of woody mountains and bloody sun that crosses skyline, to breathe in crystal fresh nearly ringing Siberian air, think about everything inmost, observing meadows covered with flowers and feel all the severity and apparent impregnability of taiga with your heart and skin?  

 North of Baikal is widely known as one of recreational regions, it offers great package of various joys and useful things the whole season long. Here you can enjoy the unity with nature and have great time, for example, get unforgettable pleasure from the fishing at the Lake Baikal.  Winter frost will not prevent you from swimming in open medical thermal springs such as Dzelinda, Sunny, Hakusi and the cape Kitelnikovsky but will add the feeling of special lightness and recreation. Meeting local citizens of Near Baikal territory (Pribaikalje) – Evenk people, traditions and legends of this amazing region – will add some special coloring to your stay at the Lake Baikal.

 Severobaykalsk with its famous medical thermal springs situates in one of the most closest to Baikal places, the city is very young but it develops quite actively. A tourist base called “Golden Fish” has a very good locus; it is situated in two steps from the city streets but it is a rather solitary place, at the same time (in woodland, just at the side of the lake).  

 A tourist base “Golden Fish” is always ready to help you to vary the leisure time, it does not matter if you come to visit somebody in Severobaykalsk to add some impression to your everyday life or you want to walk around the outskirts of Baikal.

 Besides all these proposals to settle down in these comfortable two-storied cottages “Golden Fish” is a real tourist hotel at the bank of the Lake Baikal, it’ll pleasure you with appetizing local cuisine as well as with excellent beer that is cooked with the water of Baikal, all these things are closely connected with the atmosphere of immense freedom of Siberian territory. You can also estimate a wonder-working bathhouse with a pine font; the bathhouse is placed just on the territory of a tourist complex.

 Qualified personnel of a tourist hotel “Golden Fish” in Severobaykalsk say that their main task is to do so that the holidays of the people who visit the north of Baikal bring them as many positive emotions as possible and they remember such vacations for long.

 That is why you always have great possibility to visit the most isolated places of Pribaikalje, taking part in interesting walking trips that a tourist base offers you. Together with the diver of the base you have the chance to visit the cape Ludar – the place where an ancient man lived (it was arranged 4 thousands years ago), to see a famous ice lake Froliha with your own eyes, cross Baikal over the ice and spend the night in a real hunter’s winter hut. It’s also possible to admire the nature of Northern Baikal during the walk on a boat or the yacht, the shots made at hunting a bear, a Manchurian deer, a squirrel, and various birds with a camera will become pleasant reminders about great vacations. Diving at Baikal will acquaint you with a charming underwater world of the most ancient gigantic lake – the place where nice representatives of Baikal seals live. Downhill slopes of Baikal work for those who adore active winter sports, ski lifts will be of great help for you. A Buryat center of culture “Bayar” welcomes those who are interested in way of life and the history of people from Severobaykalsk.

 The staff of “Golden Fish” can prepare any travel for you at letter contact. Usually reservation of rooms is carried out 3-6 months earlier but these terms can vary if needed. But note that it takes something about 30-40 days to prepare a days-long trip.

 You can see more detailed information concerning residence, prices and services at the page "Prices". 


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