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The trip to the spurs of Northern Baikal mountain ridge, to the a small settlement of “a red cat” and to the Evenks “namama”

This tour is the dream of those who desire to live a real life in taiga. No, this is not an examination for survival, these are just real conditions of life where many locals of Northern Baikal live – hunters and fishermen who have chosen severe everyday life and close interaction with nature. And it is quiet realistic – to build your own house with Russian baths somewhere at the forest edge and live in harmony with the representatives of a wild world, using the gifts of nature.   

The visitors settle in the hotel “Golden Fish” the first day just after they arrive at Severobaykalsk. The hotel is situated at the bank of the lakeBaikal. Great supper is waiting for the tourists at 19:00, further you can have a rest.



This informative trip can take place from the 20th of October and till the 10th of April, that is why it's necessary that the participants have warm and waterproof clothes, winter warm high boots with felt plates in them and with antiskid soles. It’s worth mentioning that Siberian winter is rather cold and is rich in snow.

The author of the tour is a skillful pathfinder-hunter; a local writer is his part-time job. This writer is famous for its novel “Butorindo or seven years in the mountains of Baikal”. He is the owner of a very cozy squatting where you really feel home thanks to its landlady. You will not be disappointed – all the evening near the fire will be full of picturesque stories. The travelers will have the chance to enjoy everyday hot shower as well as pleasure themselves with Russian baths despite the fact that the house is situated far away from the city.  

The second day starts with the breakfast at 7:00 and then the tourists leave for the village Holodnoe (Cold village) at 7:30, the car brings them there.  It’s necessary to take snowmobiles “Buran” (Snow storm) there and continue the way to the squatting of “a Red Cat”. You stop at the cape Burhan (it’s also known as “Iha-Shulun”, this name is used by Buryat people and it means “fearful stone”). The cape took its name in honor of Baikal god and was famous for its "Shaman-rock", a lot of ceremonies and sacrifices were observed there. So, you have to present a symbolic gift in a form of ribbons and coins and ask to enter. The village of geologists Pereval (Passing) will offer all the guests the dinner at 12:00. Then the way leads to the river Abchada where one more stop and tea are planned. All the people take the skis and leave for the squatting. It will take you 2 or 3 hours to get there. Everybody places in the houses and have supper. It’s also possible to visit Russia baths there.  

 The third day comes and breakfast is waiting for people at 9:00, it’s necessary to adjust the equipment after the breakfast. You’ll be really glad to enjoy a ski walk to a mountain ridge at 12:00. The trip lasts from one to two hours and the tourists will be pleased to catch some partridges there. All the guests gather for supper at 18:00, they can recreate and have a rest till next day.   

 A usual breakfast will gather you at 9:00, the fourth day comes. The trip to the lake Butorindo is planned at 10:00, the aim of the tour is to check sable traps and change baits there. It’s possible to fish at the lake. A tent with a furnace is placed for more comfortable stay at the bank. The return starts after dinner, it goes near a fairy-tale hut on chicken legs – the first house of the squatting owners and it stands on piles. The stop for tea is planned in the house. Supper and beds are waiting for all the tourists at homecoming.

 The fifth day begins with the breakfast at 9:00 and then you can have a rest at 10:00, the tourists will know many interesting things during their leisure time. For example, about the invention of the house’s owner - special matches that will help you to start the fire in any weather and any season of the year. The visitors can also get to know about the structure of a wind turbine made by the owner of the squatter; his invention generates eclectic power under the influence of the wind. The guests master the skills of using arms (weapons), orientation in the area, clothes and boots are adjusted and it’s necessary to equip the ration №3. Everybody have the chance to take a steam bath after the dinner if they wish, the cake cooked by the landlady will be a great desert for the tourists at the end of the day. The day finishes with a very captivating viewing of the films about taiga shot by the owner of the house, you are also welcome to play chess and read fascinating literature.  

 The sixth day comes and the breakfast is waiting for you at 9:00. All the tourists leave for the mouth of the river Aelita where they can observe deers, elks, cocks of the wood and partridges. The river goes up because of some gravitational anomaly. The task is to check the sables’ route with the traps placed on it. The dinner is also organized there; the return to the base follows then. The excursion takes something about 8 hours. Super and beds are waiting at the base.

 Breakfast is a usual thing at the beginning of the seventh day; it is at 9:00, the check of the sables’ rout on the way to the lake Butorindo follows then. It’s really great that the tourists can please themselves with fishing and dinner at the lake. The day comes to the end and all the guests come back to the base, have supper and rest.  

 The eighth day. The tourists have breakfast at 9:00 and then take a trip to the lake Temnoe, they leave at 10:00. The way to the lake takes 3 hours and it leads near sheer picturesque rocks and snowy sports of quartz mines of huge sizes. You can also train in identifying the steps of wild animals and even depict them on your camera. The dinner takes place at the lake, then all the people return to the base to have supper and rest.

 The ninth day starts with a usual breakfast at 9:00, snowmobile driving is planned at 10:00, the slope is made and you are welcome to drive the sledges or go skiing. The day ends with the supper and Russian baths.  

 The tenth day you can enjoy early breakfast at 8:00, the guests take the ski and gather near Abchadinskaya bathhouse – snowmobiles’ parking. The trip lasts for 2 hours; you can stop and have a rest at the stand. Then the tour continues, it leads to the village of geologists Pereval, the way takes 1,5 – 2 hours. The dinner is planned in the village. Further the tourists change the snowmobiles with the help of the guides and leave for the stock stand of the deers – the base of the Evenk called Namama. It takes you 3 hours more to get there. People are placed in the houses; they have supper and rest at arrival.

 The eleventh day brings more and more activities. The tourists have breakfast at 9:00 and then move to the pastures of tamed deers that is situated 4 km far from the houses. It’s possible to watch the animals as well as to feed them. The dinner is planned for 13:00; observation of the deers continues after the dinner, you have also the possibility to ride a deer team. The tour is really informative – you get to know about everyday life of the Evenk. All the people gather for supper at 19:00 and then there is some free time for Russian baths and rest.

 The twelfth day begins from the breakfast at 9:00. Further the tourists are offered to visit a very beautiful lake Namama that is situated 5 km away from the base, catching of red fish davatchan takes place there, the fish is also known as a mountain loach or a mountain trout. A very tasty dinner consisting of a fish soup cooked from caught fish and an overnight stay are waiting for the travelers.

 The thirteenth day. The breakfast starts at 9:00 as usual, then the tourists drive to deer winter pastures on snowmobiles, the fields are placed in upper reaches of the river Chaya. The distance to the place is 8 km and the road leads near rocky stones and the river that runs between them. All the people can enjoy dinner at the squatter near the bank.  The tourists return to the base as soon as they observe interesting outskirts. The last, farewell supper is organized in a bark tent of the Evenk, the supper consists of national dishes. 

 A traditional breakfast will tell you that the fourteenth day comes; the breakfast takes place at 9:00 as usual. Then the tourists return to Severobaykalsk to a tourist hotel “Golden Fish”. The departure is planned for 10:00. The way lead near Burhan and it’s necessary to make some more sacrifices to the Evenk gods in honor of safe end of the trip. The base cordially welcomes the guests and the supper is waiting for them at 19:00. Everybody can have a rest after the supper.  

 The fifteenth day starts with the breakfast; it takes place a quarter of an hour later - at 9:15, all the people have the possibility to spend time as they wish further, usually it is more detailed acquaintance with Severobaykalsk and purchase of souvenirs. Supper is offered at 19:00, Russian baths will please you at 20:00.

 Next day (the 16th) offers the breakfast is at 9:15, the tourists have a rest after the breakfast, they can also visit thermal springs.  The supper is at 19:00.  

 The seventh day. All the tourists have supper at 9:15 and start preparing to leave for a railway station. They’ve got a lot of unforgettable impressions and their tour comes to the end.  

 The cost of the tour for the group of 4 people is 4700 rubles per each participant for a day. It includes the cost for transportation of people from a railway station to a tourist base "Golden Fish" and back, the cost of snowmobiles to the squatter, full board and lodging, residence in two-placer standard rooms, at the squatter and at the Evenk place, lease of devices for fishing, services of the guide.


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