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Observation of birds at Northern Baikal

The tour can take place in any season of the year. It gives you lots of positive from the travel on a motor vessel along the lake Baikal. The tourists have the possibility to visit nature reserves of Baikal and enjoy feathery inhabitants of Northern Baikal region.


The first day the tourists arrive at Severobaykalsk and then they go to a tourist hotel “Golden Fish” where a tasty dinner is waiting for them at 13:00. Then the guests can observe the outskirts. Supper is offered at 18:00 and everybody rests after it.

 The second day begins rather early – at 4:30. All the guests leave for the port of Nizhneangarsk on the bus at 5:00, they departure to the island Millionnij on a water bus is at 5:30, an ornithological reserve is placed there. The breakfast takes place on a shipboard. The tourists have really great possibility to observe the birds on the island. The dinner is also offered on a shipboard. All people return to the hotel “Golden Fish” at 17:00. They can have a rest and prepare to a very eventful day after the supper at 18:00.

 Rather early time for getting up starts the third day – at 4:30. The departure for Verhneangarsk reserve on a water bus is planned for 5:30, the reserve is called Dagary that means “bids' kingdom” and it has the form of a cranberry swamp. The breakfast is also spent at the vessel and then the guests can observe the birds and return to the base “Golden Fish” on the vessel after the dinner. Supper takes place at 18:00, all people rest further.

 The fourth day. The breakfast is at 9:00. The trip to a thermal spring Dzelinda is planned after the breakfast. The spring is situated 90 km north from the city. The tourists will stop at lakes on their way to the spring, so they will be able to enjoy the nature of Severobaykalsk region. The lunch in organized at the spring. Supper and rest are waiting for the tourists at their arrival at the hotel “Golden Fish”.

 Next (fifth) day starts early, at 5:00 a cold breakfast will be offered to the tourists. An electric train leaves Severobaykalsk at 6:20; the way leads along the road from which a walk trip begins at 7:40. It will take you an hour to pass the distance equal to 5 km, the road up to the forest is waiting for the participants, it will take 1,5 hours more to reach the lake. A small lake (100 meters wide and 100 m long) is situated between stony mines and is surrounded with blueberry bushes. There are many places suitable for swimming at the lake and the water warms up all right in summer. A radial pass leads from the lake to Ininsky “garden of stones”. Everyone who wishes have the chance to climb on the top of “Leningradskaja” – 1860 m. The return is at 20:20 after the supper near the fire. An electric train will bring people back to the hotel. They’ll be in Severobaykalsk at 22:00.

 The sixth day. The breakfast will take place at 9:00, as usual. Then the tourists get ready for departure and leave for a railway station at 11:30.

 The cost of the tour for 9 people is 15500 rubles per every person, for the group of 7 people – 1470 rubles per one person, for the group of 5 people – 16500 rubles per one person, for the group of three – 17400 rubles per one person. The guide has a discount of 50%. The cost includes transportation from a railway station to a tourist hotel “Golden Fish” and back, the cost of a water vessel for two days, full board and lodging and residence in two-placer standard rooms of a tourist base, the services of the guide.

It’s possible to reserve more comfortable rooms of "half-lux" and "lux" quality in the hotel "Golden Fish" according to a price list.


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