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Fishing at Northern Baikal

A seasonal tour that takes place from the 10th of June till the 20th of September. All the participants should have suitable equipment and devices for fishing. From one to three people can make a group, additional agreement should be made concerning more people in the group. A tourist base "Golden Fish" offers fishing taimen and trips to fishery. Changes in the tour can be made if the participants wish.


The first day starts from the arrival to Severobaykalsk. The tourists leave for the hotel “Golden Fish” from a railway station where a splendid supper is waiting for them at 18:00. Everybody can have a rest after the supper.

 The second day begins from the breakfast at 08:30 and then the fishing is planned. First of all, the tourists arrive at a moorage in the village Nizhneangarsk at 9:15, further they leave for the island Yarky on a motorboat, the island separates Baikal from the delta of the rivers Kichera and Verhniaya Angara. An ide, a sorog, pikes and perches can be a trophy for the fishermen. The dinner takes place near the fire. Then all the people return to a tourist hotel “Golden Fish”, have supper at 18:00 and rest till next morning.

 The third day starts again with the breakfast at 8:30 and the lovers of fishing have the chance to catch Arctic Cisco and graylings at the lake Baikal at 9:15. It’s possible to fish “on a ship” or an upper fly. The tourists settle for dinner at the bank of the lake, a really unforgettable fish soup will be their reward. Supper is in "Golden Fish" at 18:00.

 The fourth day offers visiting city sights and a trip to a thermal spring just after breakfast at 9:00. The spring is called Dzelinda, the tour starts at 10:30. The guests can stop at interesting places if they wish. Everybody is invited to have lunch after bathing, the return to the hotel “Golden Fish” follows further. The whole excursion to a thermal spring takes 7 hours. Supper is waiting for you at 18:00 and then you can have a rest.  

 The tourists can enjoy the fifth day with its early breakfast at 8:30, later they leave for fishing at 9:15; there is a choice that every person can make: to visit sor fishing or they can fish at Baikal. “Golden Fish” will please you with a tasty supper at 18:00; all the guests can enjoy any activity they wish after the supper.

 The sixth day begins with a regular breakfast at 9:00 and then the tourists leave for a railway station at 11:00.

 The cost f the tour for one person is 32100 rubles, 20300 rubles for two (per one person) and 16500 rubles for three people (per a person).

The cost of the transportation of the tourists from a railway station to a tourist base “Golden Fish” and back, the cost of a motorboat that is used during the trips to the places for fishing, full board and lodging, residence in two-placer standard rooms, the cost of the transport to Nizhneangarsk, the lease of devices for fishing and permission on fishing are included.

The tourists pay for bathing in thermal springs.

The guests should additionally pay according to the costs in a price list in case they want to be placed in more comfortable rooms.


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