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Hunting a brown bear with the camera at Northern Baikal

A captivating seasonal tour (from the 25th of May till the 15th of June) across the forests (hunting forests) of Northern Baikal, the tour needs special equipment as Siberian taiga will be the main place for the trip, nights are rather cold there – from 5 to 10 grades according to Celsius. The group is formed from one to three people; additional agreement should be made for more people in the group.


The first day the tourists arrive at Severobaykalsk and occupy the rooms that a tourist hotel “Golden Fish” offers. A tasty supper is waiting for you at 18:00, then night rest follows.  

 The second day breakfast is provided at 9:00, preparations for the trip start. You’ll have some free time till dinner at 13:00, so you can have a walk to the city or along the side of the lake. The meeting with the hunter and participants of the tour is planned at 14:00, then you leave. The group stops near a thermal spring Gojackit and have bathing. The tour continues and the road leads along a woody path to the winter hut. Supper is offered at 18:00 there. The tourists have great possibility to observe wild animals at the place of their coming. The night is supposed to be spent at a winter hut.   

 A rather early time for getting up and breakfast at 6:00 are planned for the third day. You can enjoy wild animals again from 7:00 till 11:00. Then all the tourists return back to the base where a tasty dinner and tea near the fire are waiting for them. Supper is at 18:00 just after you have a rest and investigate the outskirts. You’ll be really glad to go hunting with the camera after all those activities. The night is spent at a winter hut again.  

 The fourth day does not differ from a pervious one; you can just add some wonderful pictures to your collection.

 The fifth day begins with the breakfast; the tourists have the chance to go and see bears then or just have a rest or bath in a thermal spring. Further the leave for Severobaykalsk is planned. Supper is at 18:00 and you are lucky to visit Russian baths at 20:00. The hotel “Golden Fish” provides the tourists the places for a night rest.  

 The breakfast starts at 9:00 next day, a walk across the city will be offered to you then, there you’ll have the possibility to visit various sights. A tasty dinner is supposed to be at 13:00 and you’ll have free time till the supper at 18:00.

 The seventh day begins with the breakfast at 9:00; a trip to a thermal spring is planned after it. The spring is called Dzelinda and it is situated 92 km away from the city. A micro bus with the tourists leaves Severobaykalsk at 10:30 and moves along Baikal on a very picturesque road, then the way continues across a mountain massif along the river Kichera. The excursion takes 7 hours, the dinner is offered just at the spring. The supper at the hotel “Golden Fish” is waiting for the tourists after their arrival to Severobaykalsk at 18:00.

 Next day the tourists are getting ready to leave after the breakfast at 9:00. All people move to a railway station at 11:00.  

 The cost of the tour is 33620 rubles per one person, 24000 rubles for two (per one person) and 20800 rubles for three (per one person).

The cost of the transportation of the tourists from a railway station to a tourist base “Golden Fish” and back, the cost of a transport that is used in the tour to thermal springs and back to the hotel, full board and lodging, residence in two-placer standard rooms (there is no need to pay for the rooms during the nights that are spent at forests) and three hours spent in Russian baths are included.

Tourist should pay for bathing in thermal springs. 


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