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Along Northern Baikal on cruising yachts

Do you want to make a trip along Northern Baikal on the yachts? A touristic base “Golden Fish” will help you with pleasure. You’ll be able to cross the spaces of a splendid lake on the yachts 9 m long with the speed equal to 10-12 km/h with the help of the engine. Every yacht has three two-seater cabins, a latrine, a galley and the yachts are equipped with great navigational facilities. The displacement of the yacht is 2,5 tons.


Rout №1

 This tour offers people to see the sights of Northern Baikal. It starts in Severobaykalsk.

 The pass on yachts to the bay called Ayaya takes place the first day, the bay fully suits its name, it means “beautiful, kind, pleasant, good” from the Evenk language. Here you can enjoy nice Baikal seals that warm themselves on the shelf situated 20 m far from the cape. The placement of the bay is really successful – all its sides are covered from the wind with sleep banks and no any storm can frighten you. The tourists have the possibility to fish “on a ship” during there tour to the bay. You can also spend the night here in the bay.  

 A walk trip is planned on the second day; it will lead you to the lake Froliha that is situated 8 km far from a sandy beach. Then all people have dinner, return back and the trip on the yacht continues – to a hot spring of Hakusa, it is famous for its special energy, you can easily bath there. The temperature of the spring is from 42 to 46 grades according to Celsius, of cause, with plus. The stand for a night is equipped here.

 The pass to Severobaykalsk starts the third day after all the people bath in a hot spring in the end.

 Route №2

 The trip starts in Severobaykalsk.

 The first day the tourists navigate to the bay of Ayaya on the yacht where they have the possibility to enjoy fishing “on a ship”. Here they spend the night.

 4 hour walking tour is planned the second day, the tour leads to the lake Froliha where the dinner takes place. All the tourists return to the yacht then and go to a thermal spring Hakusi along the lake; they can recreate there and have a rest. The night is also spent there.

 The pass to the gulf Froliha is planned for the third day; there the tourists have the possibility to fish with a spinning rod at a river full of rapids, the river is of the same name. Such fishes as perch and pike live there. The place for the night can be equipped on a cape Nemnianka that is covered  with a thick wood (the name means “a lot of graylings from the Evenk language and it embodies wild east of Northern Baikal) or near the cape Zelenenkij.   

 The pass to the mouth of the river Verhniaja Angara (the gulf Dagara) is planned for the fourth day. Then a sandy island Yarki follows, there you can swim and have a rest. Finally the tourists return to Severobaykalsk.

 Rout №3

 A rather long and captivating route across the most beautiful places of the Northern Baikal. The tour on the yacht starts at Severobaykalsk.

 The first day the tourists go to the bay Ayaya where they enjoy fishing “on a ship” and spend the night.

 A walking tour along the path to the lake Froliha is planned for the second day, there the tourists have dinner. All people return to the yacht then and go further – to a thermal spring Hakusi. It’s easy to bath there if you want to recreate. The night is spent here.

 The pass on the yacht along an eastern side to a swampy bay of Tomp occurs the third day. The tourists can stay at the gulf Sandakit if they wish; the gulf is famous for its sandy beaches and the bottom. It’s really worth visiting the cape Turaly the name of which means “singing, roaring sands”. People could listen to a singing dune at the foot of the cape before Irkutsk hydroelectric power plant was built. Then the dune stopped singing when the level of water came up. But nevertheless, many people visit the cape, patiently waiting at the foot for that very voice of the sand. The night is spent at the bay of Tomp.

 The tourists go to the village called Davsha when the fourth day comes, the village is placed near the confluence of the river with the same name; there they visit a local Barguzinsky museum-nature reserve. An overnight stay is planned here in the village.

 The pass to Chivirkujsky bay is planned for the fifth day; the bay has the highest temperature. The name of the bay appeared from the Evenk word "to twist". A well-known bay Zmeinaya is placed there, the bay has a thermal spring that is used by locals for cure of radiculitis and diseases of locomotive system, the tourists can bath there. Those who want to fish can catch 10 kg pike as a trophy; they can also fish some sorog or a perch.

 The sixth day provides the pass to Ushkanji islands; this is an archipelago of crystal limestone. You can enjoy seals that make a breeding ground on the banks. The night is also spent here.

 The return to Severobaykalsk starts at the seventh day, the tourists go along a western bank and the trip takes three days. It’s possible to stay at interesting places if you wish.

 The cost of the tour is summed up from the lease of the yacht – 10000 rubles for a day, the services of the skipper and the seaman are included. The tourists should take food for the whole trip.


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