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Комплексные туры
Along Northern Baikal on cruising yachts

Do you want to make a trip along Northern Baikal on the yachts? A touristic base “Golden Fish” will help you with pleasure. You’ll be able to cross the spaces of a splendid lake on the yachts 9 m long with the speed equal to 10-12 km/h with the help of the engine. Every yacht has three two-seater cabins, a latrine, a galley and the yachts are equipped with great navigational facilities. The displacement of the yacht is 2,5 tons.

Hunting a brown bear with the camera at Northern Baikal

A captivating seasonal tour (from the 25th of May till the 15th of June) across the forests (hunting forests) of Northern Baikal, the tour needs special equipment as Siberian taiga will be the main place for the trip, nights are rather cold there – from 5 to 10 grades according to Celsius. The group is formed from one to three people; additional agreement should be made for more people in the group.

Fishing at Northern Baikal

A seasonal tour that takes place from the 10th of June till the 20th of September. All the participants should have suitable equipment and devices for fishing. From one to three people can make a group, additional agreement should be made concerning more people in the group. A tourist base "Golden Fish" offers fishing taimen and trips to fishery. Changes in the tour can be made if the participants wish.

The trip to the spurs of Northern Baikal mountain ridge, to the a small settlement of “a red cat” and to the Evenks “namama”

This tour is the dream of those who desire to live a real life in taiga. No, this is not an examination for survival, these are just real conditions of life where many locals of Northern Baikal live – hunters and fishermen who have chosen severe everyday life and close interaction with nature. And it is quiet realistic – to build your own house with Russian baths somewhere at the forest edge and live in harmony with the representatives of a wild world, using the gifts of nature.   

The visitors settle in the hotel “Golden Fish” the first day just after they arrive at Severobaykalsk. The hotel is situated at the bank of the lakeBaikal. Great supper is waiting for the tourists at 19:00, further you can have a rest.


Observation of birds at Northern Baikal

The tour can take place in any season of the year. It gives you lots of positive from the travel on a motor vessel along the lake Baikal. The tourists have the possibility to visit nature reserves of Baikal and enjoy feathery inhabitants of Northern Baikal region.


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